Yacht abandoned off Newfoundland found on Kerry beach

By | November 29, 2017

A racing yacht abandoned off Newfoundland six months ago has washed ashore on a beach near An Clochán in west Kerry.

The nine-metre Illumia 12 had been lost at sea since 11 June when her Italian skipper was rescued by a Canadian coastguard helicopter 650km southeast of Newfoundland.

Illumia 12 had been taking part in a transatlantic race when the vessel was damaged. Michele Zambelli spent 12 hours waiting to be rescued after the boat lost its keel and had started taking on water.

The upturned hull was spotted yesterday evening by a surfer off Fermoyle beach and Valentia Coastguard was notified.
An initial inspection identified her as the abandoned yacht.

Members of the Dingle coastguard assisted in removing the vessel from the beach to a secure location.