150mm 6″ inspection access hatch cover from Camcleat Ltd


Camcleat Ltd is proud to launch its 150mm 6” inspection access hatch in both white and black.

A stylish design with invisible slotted fixing ensures the lines of the yacht are not compromised without effecting the performance of the cover.

Manufactured from ASA Polymer, which is resistant to Acetone, UV, weather and colour fading and has been specially formulated for the marine and automotive industry.

The generous finger recess cover and the winch handle socket version allows for easy opening and closing even in extreme conditions. The cover comes compete with an EPDM UV resistant “O” ring seal. The deck ring has been designed with deep ribs where it comes into contact with the deck which allows plenty of sealant to create a positive watertight seal between the ring and the deck.

Used by

Camcleat Ltd’s Inspection access hatch can be used by anyone in need of a strong, watertight door for storage compartments to give absolute protection to any object you need to be kept secure.

Find out more

The access covers are available from Camcleat Ltd directly. Please contact sales@clamcleat.com for more information and pricing.

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