Anchor-VR joins forces with the Superyacht Training Group

Creator of 3D, VR and AR solutions, Anchor-VR, has joined The Superyacht Training Group, extending its expertise in immersive and interactive experiences to include maritime crew training.

Anchor VR will enhance traditional forms of training in the superyacht industry with a range of future-forward approaches that have already proved their effectiveness in fields as diverse as aviation, medicine, retail and manufacturing.

The 3D and Extended Reality technologies provided by Anchor-VR help make crews aware of all the nuances of onboard systems before they begin honing their skills on a real vessel. VR and AR provide clear and detailed visuals of even the most complex machinery. Any Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) can be simulated from fire security, first-aid and helicopter operation, to organising a perfect galley or even dressing the dining table. The training can teach crews best practice as well as conditioning them to deal with worst case scenarios.

The training solutions offered by Anchor-VR can be used at any point along the development timeline, and the benefits of training include reducing the risk of crew injuries and mitigating the risk of damage to costly equipment.

“Virtual Reality is really a great training method,” says Anastasia Yushkova, CEO and Founder at Anchor-VR. “It boosts engagement, stimulates people’s focus and interest. And it improves knowledge retention by breaking through learning modals to help trainees not just visualize but actualize their experience.”

The Superyacht Training Group, an international syndicate that brings together the world’s leading providers of on-board crew training and consultancy services, includes 12 other members: Da Gama Maritime, MRS Training & Rescue, Helidecks, Powerboat Training UK, Clear Blue Sky Video, Crew Glue, Safeguard Helideck Certification, Ocean Wave Monaco, KWD Training, Purser Trainer, Orchid, and Coreo Superyacht Cyber Security.

Steve Monk of Da Gama Maritime and founder of the Superyacht Training Group says, “We’re delighted to welcome Anchor-VR to the Group as the services and capabilities of the technology available will not only further enhance the capabilities of the crew, but also the experiences of the owner and guests.”

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