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AquaMarine has been manufacturing and supplying the marine industry for over 50 years, with a wealth of knowledge about all boating requirements. AquaMarine has been looking to source products more locally, partly due to pressures applied by the pandemic, and this has led to the development of a range of cleaners and protectors that have been wholly manufactured and bottled in the UK. The AquaMarine range offers a breadth of high quality products for varied applications, whilst being economically priced.


Cleaning products are used by everyone in the pursuit of making their craft more desirable as well as maintaining their investment. AquaMarine have taken time to look at the key products that should be in the range to offer the best flexibility and performance.

The 16 product wide AquaMarine range includes products to look after GRP as well as teak and even RIBs and dinghies. Not only is the product sourced in the UK and thus keeps the carbon footprint to a minimum but also many of the product lines are in concentrate form to make the product go further and last longer.

All the products are bottled in 100 per cent recyclable bottles which further demonstrates commitment to looking after the planet.


Cleaning and protection products.

In the range:

Boat Shampoo:

Available in 1 and 5 litres in a dilutable concentrate, for use throughout the season.

Hull Cleaner:

Available in 1 litre bottle. Hugely effective on virtually all types of stains found on GRP hulls. Will act on waterline pollutants and airborne pollutants are easily removed.

Cutting Compound:

Leave GRP and painted surfaces with a professional shine, whilst being easy to use.

Polish & Wax:

Ultra-high gloss finish. Fast and simple to apply by hand.

GRP Deck Cleaner:

Highly effective for moulded GRP non slip deck area. Especially effective in removing stains from airborne pollutants and greening caused by damp conditions. Can be used undiluted for stubborn stains.

Propeller Cleaner:

Heavy duty cleaner for metal propeller blades, shafts and casings. Suitable for stainless steel, bronze and aluminium propellers.

Bilge Cleaner:

Combats grease, oil, scale and grime in the bilges and other void spaces. Ideal for commissioning or for winter storage.

Glass Cleaner:

High alcohol content and added ammonia for superior cleaning performance. Also effective for cleaning stainless steel and aluminium railings and fittings.

Teak Care System – Process 1 & 2:

Removes staining or dirt from surface and below surface of teak.

No need for heavy sanding or hard scrubbing.

Teak Protector:

Maintains original colour of teak for up to 4 times longer than teak oil and up to twice as long as teak sealers. 100 per cent water based, environment friendly.

Synthetic Teak Cleaner & Sealer:

Developed to assist in the maintenance of synthetic teak. Creates a protective barrier which eases future maintenance. Reducing dirt from sticking to surface.

RIB & Dinghy Cleaner and Sealant:

Highly effective stain remover and cleaner. For use on Hypalon and PVC RIB tubes. Gives a protective coating to RIB and dinghy tubes. Eases future cleaning by creating a barrier. Provides UV protection.

Metal Polish & Restorer:

Used to remove tarnishing from chrome, stainless steel and aluminium surfaces. Leaves a high gloss finish on stainless steel and clean finish on aluminium. Can also be used to restore finish on aluminium hulled boats.

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AquaMarine Cleaners and Protectors meet most of the requirements of both the leisure and commercial marine markets.

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