Baltic Yachts fits Wavestream filter in Baltic 68 Café Racer

The Baltic 68 Café Racer designed and manufactured to achieve more eco-friendly standards will also protect the marine environment by using Wave International Wavestream filters.

The first hull for this high-performance easy-to-sail Baltic 68 Café Racer has just been released from its mould at the Baltic Yachts manufacturing facility at Bosund in Finland. It is due to be launched in Spring 2021.

Naturally grown flax is being used in 50% of the hull structure, and the deck is made from cork. The two 20kW electric engines produce zero emissions, and propeller driven hydrogeneration charges the yacht’s battery bank with micro-turbine technology to further enhance her green credentials.

Wavestream says its bilge filter will ensure that no harmful emissions are put overboard. Supplied by Trans Auto, Wave International’s distributor in Finland, the Wavesteam has Lloyds Register Type Approval and is used worldwide by all sizes of craft from narrow boats to large commercial working vessels, powerboats and ribs, as well as cruising yachts and superyachts.

The Wavestream compact filter is installed between the bilge pump and bilge discharge, ensuring only clean water is pumped overboard. The filters trap any traces of oil, as well as microfibres and microplastic particles within a cartridge, ensuring that only the highest worldwide standard of 5 ppm (particles per million) is achieved. The filter can hold up to three times its own weight of oil, and depending on use, the Wavestream filter only needs changing once a year.

“Our yachts are sailing all over the world, and often in particular sensitive sea areas (PSSA) where these filters are a necessity,” says Baltic Yachts’ technical engineer, Dale Kruger. “The Wavestream filters are small and lightweight, which fits our philosophy of building lighter, stiffer and faster yachts, not to mention being another piece of the puzzle of building greener yachts.”

“This is once again an example of how Baltic Yachts strives to be proactive in protecting the environments where their yachts are used,” says Dylan Rafferty of Trans Auto. “This comprehensive approach of not only considering all aspects of the design and build and operation of the yacht, but also its external impact on the areas in which it will live, and travel is so important. By fitting the Wavestream on board the owners, crew and guests on board Café Racer yachts can be confident that they are not inadvertently polluting the seas where they sail.”

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