British Marine Expo Exhibitor Spotlight: Celsus UK

British Marine Expo Exhibitor Spotlight: Celsus UK

Celsus UK is one of more than 30 industry leading companies that are exhibiting in the Marine Showcase, which is supported by the British Marine Trade Association, at the British Marine Expo. Taking five minutes away from preparations, they spoke to Marine Industry News:

What product or service does Celsus UK offer and where is it available?

Celsus UK, the Poole based service-driven distribution company, specialises in supplying high-end marine audio systems, noise and heat control solutions, and an assortment of onboard accessories. Celsus exclusively distribute brands across the UK & Europe including JL Audio, Dynamat, Kicker Audio & Wolfshock.

Showing for the first time is the SeaSucker range; innovative vacuum mount technology seamlessly attaching marine accessories to boats and more without the worry of scratching surfaces or drilling holes. Incredibly strong, versatile and easy to use.

What does this offer your customers?

High-end marine audio enhances the on-the-water experience on any size vessel, boating reaches a new dimension when accompanied by your favourite music. Celsus offers JL Audio as our flagship premium option and Kicker for affordable performance.

The Dynamat solutions aim to reduce unwanted noise & vibration to create a comfortable setting on-board. An acoustically neutral environment is important to maximise user experience on any sized boat.

WolfShock impact control comfort decking aims to increase comfort by minimising impact at high shock loads whilst helming at sea.

SeaSucker utilises a vacuum mount pull rated at over 210lbs to add removable products from board and ski racks, cup holders and dry-boxes, across to GoPro and device holders.

Why is this important to people, what benefit does it give them?

The products that Celsus offers enhance enjoyment and comfort on board, boating is an exhilarating and social past time. This experience can be taken to the next level with state-of-the-art marine audio to deliver a flawless soundtrack, soundproofing to remove stress inducing noise, minimise risk of injury over time with impact control decking, and bring convenience to your boat with removable vacuum pump-based accessories. Why settle for anything less than total pleasure whilst at sea?

To find out more about Celsus UK, their products, distribution and offers, see them at the British Marine Expo Marine Showcase on 26th & 27th March in Southampton.

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