Busy afternoon as Poole Lifeboats deal with multiple incidents

By | May 8, 2018

Poole and Swanage Lifeboat with the yacht taking on water Credit: RNLI/Paul Glatzel

Both Poole Lifeboats were in action on May 6 as the first launch of the sunny Bank Holiday came in at 1:20pm.

The Atlantic was requested to assist Swanage Lifeboat who had a 40ft yacht under tow into Poole, which put out a Mayday after taking on water off Swanage.

Poole Lifeboat and Swanage Lifeboat met at the entrance to the Swash channel just outside Poole Harbour and the ingress of water was now under control. Two Poole volunteers were put aboard the yacht with the salvage and the two Swanage crew and salvage pump were then transferred back by Poole Lifeboat.

Just as Poole Lifeboat was about to take over the tow they were waved down by a jet-skier who reported a 28ft motor boat broken down and drifting further out to sea. As Poole Lifeboat responded the Swanage Lifeboat towed the yacht, now with one Poole crew on board and the pump to a mooring just inside Poole Harbour. Poole Lifeboat quickly located the 28 ft motor boat and proceeded to tow the vessel in.

Poole Lifeboat requested the launch of Poole ILB to deal with the 28ft motor boat so they could then deal with the 40ft yacht which was still being managed by the salvage pump. With Poole ILB launching and Poole Lifeboat now in the harbour Swanage Lifeboat returned to station.

The 40ft yacht was successful towed into Poole Yacht Club and meantime Poole ILB had towed the 28ft vessel to Poole Quay Boat Haven and had received another tasking from UK Coastguard. The ILB was tasked to a 17ft vessel broken down off Hamworthy with one person on board and this was also towed in to Poole Quay.

Poole Lifeboat dealing with the 28ft motor vessel Credit: RNLI/Paul Glatzel

Poole Helm James Kilburn said: ‘With the hot Bank Holiday weather many boats have taken advantage of the weather. Often the first trip out of the season highlights a number of issues which have built up over the winter months, always take care when preparing your boat for sea and ensure you have a means of calling for help.’

After a busy afternoon both Lifeboats were re-fuelled and ready for service by 5:30pm.