Damen signs with HST Marine for first Multi Cat 2309

Damen Shipyards Group has recently signed a contract with HST Marine for the delivery of a Multi Cat 2309. The company, which was the launching customer for Damen’s Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 2710, is the first to order the brand-new, mid-range multi cat design bringing new capabilities to the market. HST will use the vessel to extend its business operations beyond crew transfer and into workboat activities.

The Multi Cat 2309 will perform a wide range of tasks for HST globally. These will include coastal towing, buoy maintenance, the support of floating wind projects, surveying operations, and marine equipment tests.

“[HST directors] Chris, Ian and myself have experience with older models of this type of vessel from before we founded HST,” says director, Tom Nevin. “We know their versatility – they can cover so much. We want to offer clients the same HST quality within the marine logistics and general marine contracting fields as we do in the crew transfer segment with High Speed Transfers Ltd. We see the Multi Cat 2309 as a real multi-role vessel, offering our customers unique capabilities and versatility.”

HST has tailored the standard Multi Cat 2309 design to its own requirements. This has included the use of Volvo Penta engines for added efficiency and emissions reduction, as well as easy future conversion for IMO Tier III compliance. Additionally, the company has upgraded the vessel’s bow thruster capabilities to optimise manoeuvrability.

Other adjustments include enhanced crew comforts such as en-suite cabins with satellite television and high-speed internet connectivity with fleet system and VSAT.

The company has also requested a 5 tonne pull winch with 40m line and a heavy-duty crane with a lifting capacity of 25.1 tonne at 5.79m outreach and 8.1 tonne at 14.09m outreach. On the aft deck, HST incorporated a tugger winch with 12-tonne pull, capable of fitting 100m of steel wire.

The vessel is currently under construction and is scheduled for delivery at the end of 2021.

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