Exciting new marine section at Goodwood Festival of Speed

By | February 7, 2019

Goodwood Festival of Speed is in its 25th year and is the UK’s largest outdoor event, with twice as much footfall as the UK’s largest boat show. The Festival of Speed (FoS) is now adding to their numerous attractions by incorporating an exciting new marine section.

The festival takes place annually on the Duke of Richmond’s Estate at Goodwood, north of Chichester, UK. The demographic of visitors is significantly above average income and wealth levels, and typical visitor spend is high. This 4 day event takes place from Thursday 4th July to Sunday 7th July 2019.

Go Earth – Marine Agents for the FoS

Go Earth has been appointed as marine agent for the FoS and has a reserved area of the FoS, with very high footfall, specifically for marine and marine related exhibitors.

Martin Berman, director of Go Earth, explained that they had successfully exhibited at the FoS for several years, and they recognised the potential of a marine section. Goodwood and Go Earth have reached an agreement whereby Go Earth will act as agents for the marine section, and will provide a value-added service to marine and marine related exhibitors to ensure the success of this section. This value-add includes specific marketing, a marine advice stand, leafleting capability and direct support.

Enhancing and Expanding Boating

Martin stated that they were not trying to compete with existing boat shows; rather they were enhancing and expanding the market by reaching out to potential clients who have the financial capability, and the enthusiasm, to invest in their interests. Many of the car enthusiasts are also actual or potential boating enthusiasts.

There is a recognition that the existing format of boat shows were facing some challenges – so Goodwood is doing something different and exciting. There is no doubt that the FoS is a great show, thereby presenting a great opportunity for exhibitors and visitors alike.

Want to Find Out More About Exhibiting?

If you wish to know more as a potential exhibitor, please directly email martin.berman@boatsearch.earth

Want to Attend?

If you merely wish to attend the FoS, tickets may be available at https://www.goodwood.com/flagship-events/festival-of-speed/