Greenings back in Clipper Race

The Greenings team resumed its Clipper 2017-18 Race campaign yesterday evening following the yacht’s diversion to Portugal after Skipper David Hartshorn suffered a serious hand injury.

The incident occurred approximately 450nM off the coast of Portugal on Saturday evening when British professional Skipper David Hartshorn, 52, was leading a spinnaker drop with his crew. A spinnaker sheet became caught around his left thumb resulting in a serious open fracture which required urgent medical attention.

Greenings is now motorsailing to the position of 40°12.395N, 009°29.969W which is exactly 1923.8nM from the midpoint of the Doldrums Corridor. This is the same distance that the yacht was at from the Doldrums Corridor midpoint when the incident occurred.

The overall time for Greenings for Race 1 will be calculated as the elapsed time from Race Start in Liverpool, until the time the team crosses the finish line in Uruguay.

The rest of the Clipper Race fleet is currently racing through the Atlantic and is expected to arrive in Punta del Este, Uruguay, between 20-25 September.

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