Historic ship’s SOS call is answered three times over

By | June 12, 2018

Yarmouth Steam Drifter Lydia Eva takes to the sea for the first time in over two years for sea trials. Picture: Nick Butcher

The Lydia Eva, the world’s last remaining steam drifter, faced having to cancel its air show sailings in Great Yarmouth because it didn’t have a skipper.

But following an appeal through the Eastern Daily Press, three volunteers have come forward.

Ruth Read, speaking for the trust which looks after the Yarmouth-based vessel and Lowestoft’s Mincarlo, said it meant the Saturday sailing on June 16 would definitely go ahead and the Sunday looked likely too.

All three volunteers were local and retired, she said, although one was emigrating to Spain the day after the air show so was probably not a long-term option.

The Lydia Eva, although more than 80 years old and still travelling under coal-powered smoky steam, does have modern gizmos and navigation aids common to most craft.

Passengers on the trip are offered the chance to steer and do some stoking. To book a place call Mrs Read on 01493 740760.