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With demand increasing for tender chocks to work in harmony with guest areas and crane locations, Shipyard Supply Co’s new hover chocks are ideal for yachts requiring an efficient yet flexible tender stowage system.


Shipyard Supply Co’s (SSCo) latest innovation in the tender chock market is its hover chocks. Engineered to be operated using a continuous compressed air system, enabling the tender to be moved around the garage with ease.

With the air pressure engaged, the chocks hover at just 5mm above the deck, allowing the tender to be pushed around the deck by hand, without the need for a crane. To cease hovering, an air supply shut-off valve can be operated, lowering the chocks safely back onto the deck.

All components are self-contained within the hover chocks, providing yachts with a turnkey solution for moving and storing tenders onboard, all that’s required is an air supply and hose. The hull pads of the hover chocks can be configured to either be fabricated from CNC milled cork or their unique foam wrapped Hypalon. Both provide soft cushioning to the tender’s hull and both are non-marking.

The hover chocks are available in either marine grade aluminium with a powder-coated finish or a composite construction with a painted gloss finish.

Performance data

Since its introduction to the market, the SSCo Hover Chock has been a success, with several shipyards now incorporating the product within the design of their tender garages.

Used by

A number of new-build clients ranging from 70-100m+ have registered interest and ordered the hover chocks due to their unique capabilities surpassing the more conventional fixed chock.

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The SSCo Hover Chocks are available from Shipyard Supply Co directly. Please contact info@shipyardsupply.co for more information and pricing.

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