Inland and Coastal Marina Systems’ concrete breakwaters


Inland and Coastal Marina Systems (ICMS) designs, manufactures and installs pontoons, providing water access solutions for the marine industry. Its years of experience designing and producing berthing across a wide range of environments has led to the development of its state-of-the-art concrete breakwaters which reduce the wave climate to provide safe, comfortable berthing.


ICMS manufactures its concrete breakwaters in house. The floating concrete breakwaters are an option where a fixed breakwater isn’t feasible and are designed to attenuate waves to a level where sheltered berthing can then be provided.

Manufactured from grade C50/60 reinforced concrete with internal floating blocks, the breakwaters incorporate high yield stainless steel wire rope and IRHD 70 rubber buffers combining high strength and high flexibility.

Given the severe environments in which they function, particular attention is paid to the lifespan of the units. Built in accordance with exposure classifications, coupled with a detailed analysis of the site, the galvanised reinforcing steel and concrete cover ensure the longevity of the breakwater units.

The floats are protected from damage and buoyancy loss by the glass reinforced concrete base skin, while mooring boxes are cast into the units for mooring line connections at deck level, eliminating the need for dive work during installation and maintenance.

Performance Data

Designed to BS6349 and Eurocode 2, the concrete breakwaters have a live load of 4kN/m2and the steel has hot dipped galvanising to EN ISO1461. The side connections are made from high tensile threaded bars with elastomeric bearings, while the 500mm-1000mm freeboard is provided by the 15kg/m3 floats with a grade 18 GRC base skin.

Used For

Ideal for use as a berthing facility for larger boats, such as superyachts and work boats, in exposed conditions ICMS’ concrete breakwater units have also been used for ferry and CTV berthing, floating houseboat bases and for high-capacity floating public walkways.

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More information on Inland and Coastal Marina Systems and its range of high quality water access solutions is available online.


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