JEC World postponed – coronavirus cited

Based on the latest assessment, and after consulting its board and key stakeholders of the composites industry, the JEC Group has decided to postpone the 2020 edition of JEC World until May 12th-14th 2020.

The recent spread of the coronavirus in new countries last week, and especially countries playing an important role in the composite materials industry such as China, South Korea and Italy, has obliged the JEC World organisation team and key stakeholders of the industry to reassess the current situation.

Increased travel restrictions from authorities, but also at corporate level, both from exhibiting and visiting companies, have drastically reduced the potential attendance to the show. Moreover, the latest developments of the coronavirus have significantly increased the concerns of participating companies about the health of their employees. JEC Group has the same concerns, having health and safety of their exhibitors, visitors, partners, and staff as a number one priority.

The organisation says it’s aware that this decision will require industry professionals, exhibitors, partners, engineers, researchers, and buyers to re-schedule their attendance, which will have a significant impact on their organisations, as it will for the JEC Group. It says it trusts though, that given the current situation, which is continuously evolving, everyone involved will understand the decision.

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