KIWIGRIP | Non Skid Deck Paint


KiwiGrip is a revolutionary, durable, non-skid deck coating, offering a beautiful, high traction surface which can be spread quickly and easily with a proprietary roller.


KiwiGrip can be applied over many surfaces including wood, fibreglass, epoxy, concrete or metal and, by varying the application technique, the perfect texture for your application can be created.

By varying the application technique, the texture can be adjusted from a rolled “pleasure boat” texture to a more industrial, aggressive “work boat” finish.

Performance Data

KiwiGrip is a very hard acrylic polymer, providing a durable, homogeneous, elastic surface which will not wear through. KiwiGrip doesn’t suffer from the problems encountered with products filled with sand, walnut shells, beads, rubber fleck, or other fillers. Coatings using such fillers tend to wear through, meaning the fillers can dissipate, leaving an unsafe deck that’s hard to clean and even harder to re-coat.

The product is available in four standard colours, white, cream, light grey and light blue and is loaded with UV stabiliser to ensure consistency. Custom colours are also an option. White KiwiGrip can be tinted and mixed using a water-based tint at a maximum of 3% tint by volume.

KiwiGrip is a one part water based solution that is extremely easy to apply and, being water based requires no cumbersome safety equipment during the application process.

Used By

KiwiGrip can be used on boats, docks and various residential or household applications.

Find out more

To find out more about KiwiDeck non-skid deck paint, please visit the distributor, Seaview Progress.

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