Man sets fifth paddling world record

Paddleboarder David Haze set his fifth world record after paddling along the Thames for over two days.

Back in August, MIN reported that Haze had broken four world records in just four days.

Haze paddled 129 miles from Lechlade to Teddington Lock in order to raise funds for Alliance of Sport. Haze aimed to beat the previous record of two days, 14 hours and eight minutes and succeeded, completing the challenge with ten hours to spare.

“This challenge has been the most difficult one to date both physically and mentally,” says Haze. “After paddling for more than 40 hours straight I had to fight with inner demons to see this adventure through, my mind went to some dark places but this is why I undertake these challenges, to truly test myself, to push myself beyond my limits to truly understand who I am and what I am capable of.

“Not only did I beat the old world record by 10 hours but I came off the water a much stronger version of myself and I will continue to push myself to encourage personal growth and change, something that I strongly encourage in others as I also raise money for the charity Alliance Of Sport.

“This month I am off to take on Ireland’s longest lake, next month I aim for Iceland’s longest lake and next year I launch Untamed Beasts, which will see me attempt to set 33 world records on 33 lakes across 33 countries within Europe all in 66 days.”

Haze is closing in on his £3,000 target. You can support him via his fundraising page.

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