Margate inshore lifeboat rescues three

Early on Saturday evening (Saturday 12 August) UK Coastguard received a report of two people in difficulties in an inflatable dinghy near Cliftonville Lido.

Margate’s inshore lifeboat along with the local coastguard rescue team were tasked and arrived to find a confusing scene. The dinghy had washed onto large concrete blocks with the two occupants stranded on the blocks along with a third person who had climbed down while attempting to assist.

The coastguard team assisted two of the casualties onto the promenade but one subsequently re-entered the water and was picked up by the lifeboat and landed into the care of lifeboat and police personnel on a nearby slipway.

The third person, also stranded on the blocks, was recovered into the lifeboat and as he was showing signs of hypothermia and had a medical condition, was landed back at the lifeboat station and cared for by the RNLI team and coastguards.

Local RNLI lifeguards also stood by at the lifeboat station in case additional assistance was required. Kent police were again also in attendance and advice was sought from South East Coast Ambulance Service.

Peter Barker, deputy launching authority said: “There are two important messages here, firstly never go to sea in an inflatable dinghy unprepared.

“Lifejackets, suitable clothing and means of attracting attention are the bare minimum, also plan your trip and identify known hazards in advance.

“Secondly, never enter the water to assist others. Raise the alarm by dialling 999 and ask for coastguard, you are of more use keeping visual contact with those in trouble and being a guide for the rescue services.

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