Maritime Charities Group offers bursaries to ratings

The Maritime Charities Group (MCG) is reminding ratings who’ve lost work due to Covid-19 that funding is available towards training and refresher courses that could help them get a new job or a new contract in the industry. Applications to the MCG Retraining and Redundancy Bursary, which was launched in November last year, have been coming in at a steady rate but the response from ratings has been lower than anticipated. Figures out this week show that over three quarters of successful applications came from officers.

“We’re delighted with the response to the bursary, and, with over 30 applications approved so far and over £15k awarded in grants, it’s going really well,” says chair of MCG, Graham Hockley. “But the number of applications from ratings is relatively low, especially from those in the ferry industry. We want to redress the balance, so we’re sending a message out to ratings that the fund is available to them too. Whether it’s help with job applications and interviews, or funding for a refresher course, the MCG bursary is there for you. Just go to the marine society website and apply today.

The fund now stands at £40k thanks to contributions from MCG members Merchant Navy Welfare Board and Trinity House, and a successful application to the Nautilus Slater Fund. It is aimed at UK-based merchant seafarers who have lost their job or been unable to renew their contract as a direct result of Covid-19 and need help towards training for a new role in the industry. Applicants can claim up to £500 towards training or qualifications of their choice. The fund is managed by the Marine Society on behalf of MCG.

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