MDL Marinas converts human energy into electricity with new fitness brand

MDL Marinas is widening its brand offering with the launch of MDL Fitness, a new range of green gyms where the fitness equipment said to converts human kinetic energy into electricity.

Opening in up to four of MDL’s marina locations between 2021 and 2022, the first being a new 35-plus station gym, the fitness centres will feature the innovative SportArt ECO-POWR™ equipment, which harnesses up to 74% of a user’s energy spent exercising before converting it to utility grade electricity. 

Putting into perspective how much electricity can be generated, when tested, two ECO-POWR™ bikes used for a collective total of 47 hours produced enough electricity to power a laptop for 74.8 hours or a LCD flat screen TV for 32 hours.

By simply plugging its new ECO-POWR™ treadmills, cross trainers and bicycles into a standard outlet, MDL says it will be able to send the AC power generated by the gym’s members back through the gym’s power grid to offset its energy consumption and reduce its carbon footprint. 

“We’re delighted to be launching MDL Fitness, broadening the appeal of our locations and attracting more people to our marinas,” says Tim Mayer, MDL’s Sales and Marketing Director. “By partnering with SportArt, making the new fitness centres ‘green’ and enabling people to transform their workouts into a power source, we’re also continuing our pledge towards environmental improvement.”

By working out on an ECO- POWR™ treadmill for an hour twice a week for a year it’s also possible to create a CO2 emission offset* equivalent to 62 lbs of coal burned, 138 miles driven in a car or 7,197 Smart phones charged.

“We recognise that our core marina business is not yet carbon neutral, but MDL Fitness and our green gyms are another step to reducing our carbon footprint and achieving this,” adds Tim.

Featuring cardio and weights areas, as well as group cycling, each gym will be run by an MDL Fitness Manager and have qualified personal trainers. Users of the gym will also be able to track their progress and energy production against local and global leader boards through a specialist Wellness APP.

Designated parking and free WIFI will also be available.

Open to all, there will be three levels of membership giving users as much flexibility as possible, ensuring the best possible fitness experience in some of the most picturesque waterside locations in the UK.

*CO2 comparisons generated by EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator. Calculations based on traditional treadmills using 567.52KWH, the Verde producing 200 WH per hour workout, 2 hours per week, 52 weeks per year.

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