Medway Queen appointed Regional Flagship

Medway Queen has been appointed ‘South East Regional Flagship for 2020’ by National Historic Ships UK. It puts the vessel in great company with HMS Belfast as National Flagship and with the three other Regional Flagships: the tall ship Zebu, SS Explorer and MV Spartan. 

National Historic Ships UK tailored the 2020 awards in response to the impact of Covid-19 on the maritime heritage sector. It made a significant change to the Flagship of the Year scheme which usually reflects the cruising programme or visitor numbers of each craft. In 2020 it welcomed applications for ‘virtual flagships’ in recognition of the fact that many historic vessels have had to cease operations and cancel or postpone events through circumstances beyond their control. The 2020 Flagships have been selected for their tenacity in continuing to raise their profile throughout the Covid-19 outbreak by online activities, social media, developing learning resources, offering virtual tours and other creative means. 

In Medway Queen’s case, the website gained new features and upgrades. For example, a virtual tour enables visitors to get a sense of how the ship looks now and what is in store when they are able to visit in person once again.

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