Metstrade hoping to go ahead, SIBS expected to announce today

“Metstrade can only be held if we can make it a safe and successful exhibition,” says Niels Klarenbeek, the new Metstrade show director.

He says his team is working on a framework of measures, which may impact important elements such as the floor plan, opening hours, social events, and ensuring that 1.5 metre physical distance is kept at all times. A network of safety corridors is being designed to ensure a controlled crowd flow among the exhibit halls.

Meanwhile, the UK market awaits for an announcement on SIBS, expected later today. Current predictions include 5m wide pontoons, limited numbers of guests, reduced size overall, and no inside space. And, as reported by MIN on June 5, Dean Smith said: “The exhibitors have been really supportive with only 11 of the contracted companies having to change their plans and cancel.”

But with local lockdowns predicted across the UK by statistics and the Mail Online, and nearby Portsmouth being on the list of areas where Covid-19 is on the rise again, will British Marine dare to push ahead?

METS has a much longer window to make the decision, it’s scheduled for November.

“To date, over 1,250 exhibitors have confirmed their participation at METS,” says Klarenbeek, “and we feel encouraged by those commitments. We have observed a strong appetite for a successful B2B event this November within the leisure marine industry, our clients, partners and visitors.”

An accompanying statement says that RAI Amsterdam will not compromise on its obligation to deliver a safe and successful show for the industry. The team is closely following the development of the situation and regulations given by the Dutch government. As such, METS is ‘hoping for the best’ and ‘looking forward to opening our door and welcome you again this November’.

One response to “Metstrade hoping to go ahead, SIBS expected to announce today”

  1. Colin says:

    The METS organisers are deluding themselves. No one is going to the show, we don’t know what the government regulations will be in the Netherlands until September 1 (if they aren’t changed the show can’t go ahead), we don’t know what the international travel restrictions to Europe and within Europe will be in November and we don’t know what the quarantine requirements will be when we return to our home countries. AND if we book flights and accommodation and shipping for for our stands we can’t get travel insurance if we have to cancel because of Covid! METS is a great show and important to everyone, but there’s just no way it can be held this year, the organisers need to do the right thing and cancel it now.