Marine Industry News is already on Apple News and we have now made your favourite marine news channel on your Alexa devices.

Please use this guide to add Marine Industry News to your devices:

Open your Alexa app and follow the normal route to add a new “skill & game”

Click on the search icon, which will allow you to start your search for our new app.

Enter “marine industry news” and hit enter, we will usually appear at the top search result

Enable the app and you are nearly ready to go. Click settings for more details.

Flash briefings settings will allow you to organise which order your news apps will be read out.

Marine Industry News Flash briefing will allow todays news stories to be read out on your Alexa devices.

Each day when you ask “Alexa, play my flash briefing”, your device will now access todays stories automatically and read them to you.

For Alexa devices with screens, you can read along with Alexa as it will show all this information on your devices.

This is a 100% free addition for your Marine Industry News updates.