MS Amlin launches new client loyalty benefits

By | July 30, 2018

MS Amlin Yacht, one of the UK’s specialist boat insurers, has introduced a new client loyalty scheme. The scheme rewards existing MS Amlin customers, who have been claims free for 1 year or more and have continuously renewed their boat insurance policy.  Benefits build up over years of continuous coverage.  Please note that terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

The enhancements below starts from the customer’s first renewal, with increasing benefits going up to 5 years+.

  • Policy excess reductions.
  • Protected no claims bonus.
  • Increased limits for emergency medical expenses and personal accident.
  • Extended coverage for non itemised new equipment used on the insured vessel. (After 5 years continuous cover with no claims)
  • A monetary benefit to compensate for additional inconvenience in the event of a total loss of your vessel. (After 5 years years continuous cover with no claims)
  • Exclusive offers.

 Boat insurance is considered a necessity to protect your vessel, but to MS Amlin it is about more than just insurance. It is about the boating lifestyle and the time spent with friends and family, the knowledge passed to others and the feeling of freedom out on the water. Our new loyalty scheme adds to our existing commitment to protect your vessel and allows you to enjoy the boating lifestyle with increased peace of mind.

“We pride ourselves on our award winning customer service and our new loyalty scheme will add an extra dimension to our offering, further reinforcing our commitment to building long term customer relationships.  As many of us are boat owners ourselves we understand the boating lifestyle. To us our clients are not just customers, they are fellow boat owners.” says Keith Lovett, Senior Underwriter, Speciality Yacht and Marine Trade.

To find out more about the loyalty scheme visit or speak to us on 01732 223600.