National Oceanography Centre calls for urgent action to protect and restore global waters

As the European Union launched a moon-shot mission to restore the ocean and waters, with backing from research and innovation investment, the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) has called on political and financial investment to address one of the world’s greatest challenges of this generation.

The EU’s ‘restore our ocean and waters’ mission sets out ambitious goals to deliver concrete actions by 2030 in response to key human-made challenges including pollution, biodiversity loss and extreme weather events.

Its four mission actions are:

  • The Horizon Europe programme, the European Maritime Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund, Invest EU and other EU programmes will provide around €500 million in the period 2021-23.
  • Create a network of lighthouses at sea and river basin scale to implement the mission and expand the networks of marine protected areas.
  • Establish an EU-wide ‘Blue Parks’ initiative to provide new restoration and conservation opportunities.
  • Support effective water management through a digital knowledge system with a European Twin Ocean and improved environmental monitoring of ocean health.

NOC says it will continue to put collaborative working at its heart to ensure its research underpins international and UK public policy, business and societal outcomes.

“Mission ‘restore our ocean and waters’ highlights some of the key challenges faced by the ocean, and how we need to come together as global citizens to bring about major change for our future generations,” says Ed Hill, director of NOC and member of the Mission Assembly for Ocean and Waters. “We share many of these goals and will continue to lead the UK in driving ocean science and innovation, working in partnership with other world leading organisations.

“The problems surrounding our ocean and waters are too big to tackle alone, so we must come together to drive forward this agenda and support this mission for the future of our planet.”

Main image courtesy of NOC.

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