NeptuLink: Get 15% off cutting-edge broadband connectivity at the 2019 Miami International Boat Show

By | February 15, 2019

NeptuLink by MVG can be seen on Booth C642 – C Tent / Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin 

Miami, February 14, 2019, Microwave Vision Group (MVG) will offer 15% off the retail price of its unique, high-speed NeptuLinkby MVG 4G Internet modem at the Miami International Boat Show (14-18 February, 2019). Customers ordering the system on the NeptuLink booth will pay just $2125 to enable new levels of connectivity for safety and entertainment on their yachts or motorboats; a limited time saving of $375.

Designed and engineered expressly to address the varying conditions presented by the demanding maritime environment, NeptuLink is a sturdy, cost-conscious connectivity solution for boats and yachts of all types. It delivers rapid (up to 100 Mbps) and reliable Internet access up to 20NM offshore.

NeptuLink works by picking up a 4G or 3G/GPRS signal and converting it into an onboard network, providing optimal signal reception by allowing for radio wave propagation traits over the sea while compensating for the rolling and pitching motions a boat routinely experiences on any voyage.

This translates to a blisteringly fast and highly reliable data and voice connection even when miles out to sea, which as well as considerable safety benefits, can be used for uploading photos and video to social media and even streaming films and TV, all on standard cellular data plans. Meanwhile, when boats are in harbour, NeptuLink’s Smart Network Switch provides the opportunity to shift from 4G to onshore Wi-Fi, enabling clients to economize on 4G data usage.

“By drawing upon MVG’s antenna expertise, NeptuLink enables 4G broadband at sea that is so much faster and more dependable than what you can expect from a standard cellphone connection,” says Jim Acree, Business Development Manager, MVG, Inc., based in Atlanta, GA. “Our decision to offer a reduction of 15% on the NeptuLink purchase price for Miami Boat Show visitors represents an unmissable opportunity to experience shore-quality connectivity while on the water.”

Miami Boat Show attendees are invited to visit the NeptuLink stand (Booth C642, C Tent), where representatives will be on hand to demonstrate how NeptuLink can improve quality of life on board by delivering the best connectivity.

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