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Ocean Safety is a specialist in the worldwide supply, distribution, service and hire of marine safety equipment. The company offers a comprehensive range of Man Overboard (MOB) retrieval equipment, making reaching, and subsequent removal of a casualty from the water, easier for crew members left onboard a vessel or for emergency rescue services.


Recovering a man overboard can be an extremely hazardous operation for both the crew and the casualty, regardless of the size of the vessel. The Jon Buoy Recovery Module is designed to make this a simple operation, whilst increasing vital visibility and protection for the casualty.

Featuring automatic inflation and light, an AIS attachment point, 5mt of weighted throwing line and a large ballast pocket, the  Jon Buoy Recovery Module has a safe working load (SWL) of 195kg.

It is also accepted as a direct replacement for one traditional danbuoy, horseshoe, drogue, light and whistle, specified within the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations, where two would normally be required.

The Jon Buoy Recovery Module casing is available in four variations in pushpit and bulkhead mounts, and with white or carbon options.

Performance Data

Since 2020, the Jon Buoy range, including the Jon Buoy Recovery Module, has incorporated Glo Lite technology.

Glo Lite uses innovative retro-reflective technology that significantly enhances the visibility of the hi-vis fabric, making it highly reflective and increases perception during dark conditions, aiding location and leading to reduced time before casualty recovery for a more positive rescue outcome.

Used By

Ocean Safety’s Jon Buoy Recovery Module is ideal for use by professional and recreational sailors, both inshore and offshore.

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For more information on Ocean Safety and its marine safety equipment and services visit https://www.oceansafety.com


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