OLAS Guardian: the wireless kill switch


The Exposure OLAS Guardian is a wireless engine kill switch that acts within two seconds of a person falling overboard. It has the dual function of also acting as an instant, Man Overboard Alarm system. The Exposure OLAS Guardian simply connects with up to 15 Exposure OLAS transmitters and can cover a vessel up to 50ft.


OLAS stands for  . It has been developed to provide a scalable wireless safety system for motor and sailing vessels up to 50ft in length. OLAS creates virtual tethers to crew, family, pets and objects ensuring that if they fall overboard an alarm is triggered. OLAS is split into 2 product functions; OLAS transmitters and OLAS receivers.

What it does

Exposure OLAS Guardian means powerboat and RIB drivers are assured that their boat will stop in an instant, should the skipper or crew get separated from the boat, reducing the chances of a serious accident from a loose, unmanned, uncontrolled powerboat. They are free to move around their boat without constantly having to remember to attach, detach and re-attach a physical wired kill cord.

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