RestartSailing Calendar to launch at RYA Dinghy Show

RestartSailing is officially launching its calendar at the RYA Virtual Dinghy Show (27/28 February 2021). It aims to support the grassroots sailing community with a powerful online tool to help promote and coordinate sailing events.

Clubs and classes are invited to submit details of their events. Sailors can search for events by a number of criteria, including location, date and class type. To further promote events classes and clubs, the calendar data feeds will also be available on other websites.

A growing number of clubs and classes have already started making use of the calendar, says RestartSailing.

“Even in more normal times, calendar planning and event scheduling can be quite challenging, with the class trying to avoid clashes and location concentrations, the pandemic has made this job so much harder. So we’re pleased to see the RestartSailing Calendar emerging as a centralised calendar with the potential of helping the class in our planning activities. It will also be good to promote Lark events to a wider audience beyond the class stalwarts,” says Nigel Denchfield, Lark class fixtures secretary.

“The 2000 Class were keen to use the RestartSailing centralised calendar in order to publicise all open events to a wide audience,” says Rob Burridge, 2000 class secretary. “As a class association, we have regular contact with association members, but there are also many 2000 owners who are not members, and this group needs to know when 2000 events are on.

“The calendar was easy to use and the ability to include the class name and the series name in the title was great. It also enabled club details and locations to be included, so it truly is a one-stop source of information. From a wider perspective, it was interesting to see what other events are planned on 2000 event dates.”

For organisers looking for volunteers to help support their event, the RestartSailing Calendar also provides the option to post opportunities.

Organisers looking to make the most of the RestartSailing Calendar can join live presentations on both days at the RYA Dinghy Show (16:30).

Image courtesy of Zhik Lark Youth Championships (2013).

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