Seldén Manual Ratchet Blocks


Renowned for its extensive dinghy deck hardware range, designed by sailors for sailors, Seldén now supplies many of the leading dinghy manufacturers with kits for a complete deck fit out.

With a strong focus on supplying reliable high-performance deck hardware, Seldén’s has introduced the next generation of its manual ratchet block.


When activated, Seldén’s ratchet block firmly locks the sheave in one direction, allowing the sailor to relax without needing to cleat the line.

With an improved switch and increased grip, the new single ratchet blocks are available with either a composite or aluminium sheave, with the latter being designed to with work with thinner lines.

Performance Data

R60 (composite sheave) – SWL of 250kg and a max. line size of 10mm.

R60+ (aluminium sheave) – SWL of 250kg and a max. line size of 10mm.

Used By

Ideally used for dynamic applications, such as sheets, on both dinghies and keelboats.

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