Tall Ships Trust: 72ft-tall ship to visit Ipswich

Tall Ships Trust: 72ft-tall ship to visit Ipswich

A crew of 10 young people from Hull will be sailing the Chay Blyth Round the World Challenger yacht down to Ipswich for a crew change-over and an open day for the public on Saturday, October 12th at its Orwell Quay mooring.

The team is part of the Tall Ships Trust, which provides physically and mentally challenging sail training for young people aged between 12-25 years. It is a unique experience at sea, which will develop the youngsters’ long-term life skills.

The Hull crew aims to arrive in Ipswich on Thursday, October 10th after stopping off at Hartlepool and Great Yarmouth. A new crew will take over, and will then complete the relay-style voyage around the UK by sailing the ship back to Portsmouth.

Working together, the young people will be responsible for all aspects of sailing, from cooking and cleaning to setting the sails and taking the helm of the ocean-going racing yacht. Whilst on board they will be assigned to teams working in shifts to complete duties through the day and night.

The Tall Ships Youth Trust’s open day is a perfect opportunity for members of the public to find out more about the yachts and the work of the Trust.

Tall Ships Youth Trust Chief Executive, Richard Leaman Grey, says: “I am delighted we have set sail with this exciting project, with 60 young people, from all backgrounds and from all over the UK.

“These voyages will provide a safe but challenging environment in which our young people will transform the way they think and feel about themselves, at a critical time in their lives.

“I have no doubt this will be a truly life-changing experience for everybody involved.”

A Trust spokesman says: “After a week with us, many young lives have been transformed, Over 90% of those who sail with the trust say they believe their voyages help develop their team working, communication and problem-solving skills.”

Source: Ipswich Star

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