The Magnificant Sixes, by Tim Street

The Magnificant Sixes, by Tim Street

Since 1907, the Metre Boats have both fascinated and challenged the very best designers of each age to produce boats for the very best helmsmen and crews to compete in the most prestigious international events. As a development class, the Six Metres have been the test-bed for innovative designs embracing new materials and technologies, all within the constraints of a rule that is more than 100 years old and stood the test of time. This book tells their story and introduces the characters that have driven competition and preserved these beautiful boats, lavishly illustrated with contemporary images of surviving boats. Appendix of all known boats built and a note from Ian Howlett about the origins of the Rule.

Tim Street has been the leading light in the class for many years. A past-President, he was responsible for the resurgence of interest in the class, tracking down lost boats and encouraging restorations and competition. No-one knows more about these boats than Tim. He has owned and restored several boats himself and instigated the concept of separate “Classics” divisions which has since been widely adopted elsewhere.

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Publication details: Paperback 220x220mm, 216pp, 90 images, colour throughout, ISBN: 978-1-9164727-0-9

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