Transom Fender Systems from Shipyard Supply Co


Expanding its offering of transom fender systems, Shipyard Supply Co’s comprehensive range of transom fender products offers every yacht a viable solution.


With four separate products now available within their latest range of transom fenders, along with individual options for each product, Shipyard Supply Co (SSCo) is sure that it has covered every corner.

SSCo’s pillar fenders are manufactured from a composite construction, with either the option of a solid-core foam fender or an inflatable fender. There are four different models to choose from depending on the size and the design of the yacht.

Solid-core foam fenders are manufactured from solid-core foam and are wrapped in Hypalon with either a non-skid or faux teak top, providing a seamless transition from deck to tender. Each solid-core foam fender is custom made to the contours of the transom with integrated carry handles to transport them easily from garage to transom.

Drop-stitch transom fenders are a relatively new product on the market, having been developed for yachts at the smaller end of the superyacht market. They are a hybrid of inflatable drop-stitch material with a composite top plate utilising either a non-skid surface or faux teak.

The tender fender pole is perfect for shell doors and boarding platforms, providing an amalgamation of a pillar fender and boarding pole. Manufactured from either carbon fibre or stainless steel with a clear coat, painted or mirror polished finish. The tender fender pole is the ultimate multi-purpose product.

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A number of new build and operational yachts have taken on SSCo’s transom fender system due to the versatility and unrivalled build quality of the products.

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SSCo transom fender systems are available from Shipyard Supply Co directly. Please contact for information and pricing.

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