Vendée Globe: update 20Nov20

French veteran Jean Le Cam continues in the leading pack of the Vendée Globe, slogging south-westward, beam reaching into choppy seas.

Just 10 hours and 13 minutes behind Alex Thomson’s HUGO BOSS, Le Cam joked: “As to the foiling boats getting a chance to stretch their lead: I have always said since before the start that I am in the Renault 4 category, not in the Ferrari one, but I realise that the little R4 is very well tuned.”

Alex Thomson continues to lead

“Still leading, still going strong,” Thomson leads the 32 boat fleet by about 10 miles at some 110 miles north east of Recife, Brazil, although his daily update from onboard was directed at his younger followers, focusing on Anti-Bullying Week and advising to “not suffer alone”.  (16.01 19Nov20)

Sam Davies is in 9th place        

Between storms, and the lulls the doldrums offer, Davies is taking the time to answer her fans questions. (19.09 19Nov20)

Pip Hare has 566 miles to go to the equator

“I keep glancing up at my GPS, doing the maths to work out how many miles to the equator. It’s 566 from here but in time who knows, it depends if the doldrums will let us through.” (10.32 20Nov20)

In 25th place, Miranda Merron is averaging 14knots

The Northeast trade winds are treating Miranda Merron and Campagne de France well. On a port tack, the sailboat in the colours of the Maitres Laitiers

brand has been the fastest in the small group of sailors who are the rear guard of this Vendée Globe 2020. (08.31 20Nov20)

Watch yesterday’s race round-up from organisers

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