Wessex Resins and Adhesives supports dinghy owners with ‘how to use epoxy’ demonstrations

Wessex Resins and Adhesives is offering free repair demonstrations on its stand C2 (Hall Three) at the RYA Dinghy Show, Alexandra Palace, 29th February to 1st March.

For racers and enthusiasts, for those with wooden or composite boats, epoxy provides a straightforward and effective way to make DIY minor repairs.

As such, the demonstrations offer expert advice about fixing all-too-common problems, from a season’s bumps and scrapes using WEST SYSTEM® epoxy products to fileting and bonding.

“At Wessex Resins we’re all about supporting the end user,” says David Johnson, sales director and technical advisor. “We share our knowledge readily and widely. Epoxy is fantastic to work with once you know a few key basics, it can transform boat repair for so many people, so coming to these demonstrations will give a great basis for people to start preparing for next season.”

Wessex Resins has been working in partnership with Gougeon Brothers, Inc. for more than 36 years, manufacturing WEST SYSTEM, PRO-SET and Entropy Resins epoxies here in the UK.

“WEST SYSTEM epoxy is a really versatile product,” says David. “It’s into its fiftieth year of development and is getting better and stronger all of the time. It’s being used by boat builders across the world – including Spirit Yachts, Sunseeker and Princess – and we’re looking forward to meeting more owners at the dinghy show, whatever the size of their boat.”

WEST SYSTEM Mini Pack Demonstration (daily at 12:00)
The Mini Pack is a one-stop-pack for small repair jobs, and includes resin, hardener, two fillers, gloves and more. This demonstration explores how the contents can be used to effect repairs, and explores techniques for fileting, bonding and the use of glass reinforcement.

Glass Fibre Repair Demonstration (daily at 14:30)
It’s straightforward, time effective and economical to make small repairs to glass fibre hulls using WEST SYSTEM and G/flex epoxy. These demonstrations include techniques for hull/deck repairs.

WEST SYSTEM epoxy is a general-purpose epoxy system designed for coating, bonding and gap filling, and is used by amateur DIYers in addition to professional boat builders such as Princess, Sunseeker and Spirit Yachts.

Find Wessex Resins and Adhesives on stand C2 (Hall Three) at the RYA Dinghy Show.

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