Windfoiling joins Olympic performance pathway

The iQFOiL youth windfoiling class has become a British Youth Sailing Recognised Class, replacing the RS:X, following its inclusion at the Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028 Olympics.

A comprehensive training programme is already underway in conjunction with the UK iQFOiL class to teach young sailors the art of foiling while developing their racing skills.

Chris Blackburn, who leads British Youth Sailing’s windsurfing programme, says: “The recognition of the iQFOiL youth equipment as our youth windfoiling class is an exciting milestone in the development of our foiling youth pathway. It gives clarity to the sailors currently looking to transition to windfoiling as well as those sailors already windfoiling.

“With the development of the international class, the iQFOiL youth equipment promises to deliver competitive one design foil racing both domestically and also internationally for our youth sailors to continue to develop their foiling and racing skills.”

The iQFOiL youth equipment puts U19 sailors on an 8m sail, 85cm wide iQFOiL youth board and iQ aluminium foil. This, British Youth Sailing says, makes an ideal platform to not only develop key foiling skills but also key racing skills that will be appropriate for sailors’ sizes and skills, with some highly competitive international racing. Windfoiling will also feature at the RYA Youth National Championships at Plymouth Youth Sailing from August 13 to 15.

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