WSI announces NEW PRO-SET High Temperature Hardeners

The ever increasing use of composites in more and more demanding environments has meant the need for improved performance from all composite materials. A definite need for high performance epoxy systems for use at high temperatures has always been a requirement and now we are delighted to offer a hardener that will provide higher thermal properties than our existing range.

PRO-SET High Tg Laminating and Infusion Hardeners

With the use of composites become more wide spread there is a need for epoxies that are stable at high temperatures. We have therefore developed two new PRO-SET high temperature hardeners for use with our standard PRO-SET Laminating and Infusion epoxy resins. These cured systems are able to resist much higher temperature and are ideal for use in application where high temperature resistance is required.


• When used with PRO-SET LAM-125 Resin, DSC onset Tg’s of 121°C are achievable.

• When used with PRO-SET LAM-135 Resin, DSC onset Tg’s of 128°C are achievable.


• When used with PRO-SET INF-114 resin, DSC onset Tg’s of 117°C are achievable.

These systems have been added to our standard product range are readily available from stock.

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Notes for editors

PRO-SET® composite products include a specialist range of epoxy systems from infusion epoxies and wet lay-up systems to adhesives, accessories and fairing compounds.

PRO-SET products are used for building high-performance, lightweight composite structures that can withstand the harshest environments. From automotive parts to wind turbine blades to hi-tech hulls, PRO-SET epoxy can enhance the strength and durability of practically any composite component.

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