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Adverts on our daily newsletter and be seen by over 12.5k marine trade professionals.

35% Open Rate

Our newsletter open rate is an incredible 35%. With an average click-through rate of 9.7%

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Our website has over 67,619 monthly page impressions

With an average of 29,595 monthly unique visitors to the website, 67,619 monthly page impressions and over 12,500 followers across our social media channels, you can get your message right to the heart of the marine industry.

Marine Industry News is read in over 200 countries.

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Who are our readers (by profession)?
Business owner / MD / CEO 43%
Manager 21%
Senior Executive 13%
Team Member 8%
Other 15%
Who are our readers (by sector)?
Leisure Marine 82%
Commercial 10%
Superyachts 6%
Defence 2%
Unique website visitors by location
Europe (excl UK) 25%
UK 52%
Asia & Middle East 5%
South Africa, Australia & NZ 3%
North & Central America 15%
MIN Daily newsletter readers by location
UK 45%
Asia, Australia & NZ 6%
USA 21%
Europe (excl UK) 28%

Website Rates

Website Takeover

Across the whole website, 1737 x 400px

£1,000.00 per month

Sector Takeover

Across Leisure, Commercial or Superyacht sector, 1737 x 400px

£800.00 per month

Main Leaderboard

Top of the page, next to the MIN logo, 728 x 90px

£500.00 per month


On side panels, 300 x 600px

£350.00 per month


On side panels, 300 x 250px

£300.00 per month


Within stories, 728 x 90px

£250.00 per month

Boat Show Specials: Print Rates

Front Cover

297 x 290mm


Inside Front Cover / Inside Back Cover

297 x 420mm


Back Cover

297 x 420mm



297 x 420mm


Full Page

297 x 420mm


1/2 Page

266 x 186mm


1/4 Page

130 x 186mm


Newsletter Rates

Top Banner

Top of the newsletter, underneath MIN logo. 728px x 90px

£500.00 per week (5 newsletters)


Within newsletter stories, 728px x 90px

£375.00 per week (5 newsletters)

Job Ad

Within newsletter stories

£300.00 per week (5 newsletters)


Sent to over 12,000 inboxes

£2,000.00 per month