US battery developer reveals lithium-ion cell with ‘200% run-time’


Californian battery cell developer Amprius Technologies has released details of its new lithium-ion cell, which has been shown to deliver ‘unprecedented’ energy density of 500 Wh/kg and a run-time of around 200 per cent compared to modern graphite cells.

The performance of the new cell has recently been verified by testing house Mobile Power Solutions. The results indicate that this cell model provides >504 Wh/kg and >1321 Wh/l at 25C.

At approximately half the weight and volume of state-of-the-art, commercially available lithium-ion cells, Amprius says its all-new battery cell delivers ‘potential industry-disrupting performance with barrier-breaking discharge times.’

Amprius’ next-generation cells are initially being positioned to power products in the fast-growing aviation sector, with plans to later enter the electric vehicle markets.

“These cells provide a run time of 200 per cent compared to state-of-the-art graphite cells, while being lighter and smaller than other batteries with the same energy content,” says Jon Bornstein, president of Amprius Lab.

“This latest validation continues Amprius’ track record of producing the world’s most powerful battery cells and sets an industry benchmark for next-generation battery technology that will ultimately revolutionise how high we fly, how far we travel and how long we can use our devices.”

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