British power cat builder appoints first US dealership

Oaksmith Yachts announced as the first US dealership for Archipelago Yachts

British power catamaran builder Archipelago Yachts has announced Oaksmith Yachts as its first US dealership, located in the Pacific Northwest.

Based in Seattle, Oaksmith currently represents models from Arksen, UP Boats and Jasper.

“This new partnership with Archipelago Yachts offers our clients an incredible balance of capability, luxury, comfort, safety, and innovation within a diverse range of catamarans,” says founder of Oaksmith Yachts, Ben Oaksmith. “We are thrilled to be the first US dealership to represent this British boat builder, which helps fill a gap in the marketplace.

“Whether an Archipelago is used for world cruising, cruising the inside passage or the great loop, a day trip, or deep-sea fishing, these catamarans will serve our customers exceptionally well; no matter the adventure.”

The boatbuilder’s new Archipelago 63 is billed as the world’s first methanol-powered leisure vessel, thanks to a parallel hybrid system that combines energy derived from a pair of methanol reformers and hydrogen fuel cells. This propulsion system allows the vessel to cruise silently at speeds of up to 10 knots. For high-speed performance, the design includes a direct-injection methanol engine, enabling the boat to reach a top speed of 22 knots.

“This is an exciting time for Archipelago as we announce our expansion into the US, highlighting the company’s growth,” says Stephen Weatherley, founder of Archipelago Yachts. “Oaksmith Yachts has a real enthusiasm for the brand and prides itself on sustainability, which is a key value for Archipelago. I look forward to welcoming a new wealth of client relationships and beginning our new journey in the Pacific Northwest.”

Last month, Archipelago opened an initial seed investment round. It’s looking to further develop its zero-carbon technology, particularly the hybrid propulsion and methanol fuelling solutions.

Oaksmith will represent the full Archipelago range, which includes the Archipelago 40, 47 (pictured above), 52 and the Archipelago 63. 

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