One Sea Association welcomes two more members

One Sea, the international association that promotes the implementation and creation of conditions needed for an automated and autonomous maritime transport system, has added two more new members.

Following a period of significant growth in 2023, the association expanded its global footprint by welcoming Marine AI and Marautec as its newest members last month (January 2024). Both companies bring extensive experience in the use of AI technologies to the group.

“We are delighted to welcome Marine AI and Marautec to the One Sea Association,” says One Sea secretary general, Sinikka Hartonen. “As technology continues to advance and the use of artificial intelligence increases, particularly in solutions designed for automated and autonomous operations, a mutual understanding of how such technologies can be safely implemented at sea is essential. We very much look forward to collaborating with both companies towards our common goals.”

Based in Plymouth, UK, Marine AI uses cognitive artificial intelligence to enhance maritime capabilities in manned and unmanned marine vehicle design, manufacture and operations. Coupled with experience in automation and autonomous systems software architecture and computer vision expertise, the company’s GuardianAI software stack uses artificial intelligence to offer COLREG’s compliant software for the safety and control of both manned and unmanned vessels.

“Safety at sea is the number one priority for Marine AI and the work One Sea has undertaken in recent years to develop a regulatory framework for MASS [maritime autonomous surface ships] underscores the importance of alliances in ensuring new technologies are able to be implemented safely,” says Matthew Ratsey, MD of Marine AI. “Marine AI uses ‘explainable AI’ to ensure every decision is transparent, auditable and able to be interrogated while also ensuring data is continuously available to support decision making. We are very pleased to join the association at such an exciting time for the industry and AI technologies.”

Marautec specialises in AI-enabled visual detection and data fusion technology for the maritime industry. The Shanghai-based company provides situational awareness technology for navigational safety and MASS in China, and is a founding member of the Shipping AI Data Center, an open sharing platform for solving industrial issues.

Marautec’s CEO, Ben Zhang, adds: “As a leading AI solution provider, Marautec has been very active in creating a collaborative industrial environment for AI technologies, including where regulatory on MASS is concerned. We align ourselves with One Sea’s strategic position as a platform for developing an autonomous ecosystem and we look forward to working with One Sea and its members to share our expertise in this area.”

The One Sea Association is a high-profile, non-profit global alliance of leading commercial manufacturers, integrators and operators of maritime technology, digital solutions, and automated and autonomous maritime systems. The group engages in the development of the international legal framework and participates in the standardisation work.

Other One Sea members include ABB, Avikus, Cargotec, COSCO Shipping Technologies, Finnpilot Pilotage, Fintraffic, ELTA, Groke Technologies, Kongsberg, MAHI, Monohakobi Technology Institute (MTI), and Orca AI.

Main image: Sinikka Hartonen, secretary general of One Sea

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