Blue Belt Technology Roadmap project launched

By | September 11, 2019

The Blue Belt Technology Roadmaps project is a new project that has been launched to explore new technologies that can address the challenges associated with surveillance, compliance and enforcement within protected marine areas in UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs). The project is being led by Marine South East on behalf of the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), under the UK Government’s Blue Belt Programme. Businesses, organisations and individuals who have an interest in technological solutions are being asked to sign up to the Interest Group to receive regular news and updates on the Blue Belt project.

The Blue Belt Technology Roadmaps project will appraise innovative technological solutions for addressing the challenges associated with Marine Protected Area (MPA) management and sea fisheries control and enforcement in UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) within the Blue Belt Programme. The Technology Roadmaps will set out technologies of relevance in the short, medium and longer term, for each of the UKOTs within the Blue Belt Programme. Prospective technologies might include, for example, surveillance technologies, sensors, platforms, connectivity, analytics, decision support and intervention.