Breakwater focus for ICMS at METS

Reacting to the changing requirements of marinas and yacht harbours, pontoon manufacturer Inland and Coastal Marina Systems (ICMS) will be focusing on its floating concrete breakwaters at METSTRADE, 15-17 November 2022.

“Over the last couple of years boating has boomed, increasing the demand for quality berthing around the world,” says Oliver Shortall, managing director at ICMS, which is based in Banagher, Ireland. “Lack of space has led to marinas expanding or being developed in more exposed areas. 

“Combining high strength and flexibility, and specifically designed to reduce waves to a level where sheltered berthing can be provided, our floating concrete breakwaters are an ideal option for marina and harbour operators where a fixed breakwater is not feasible.”

But, according to ICMS, it’s not just the wave attenuation properties of its floating concrete breakwaters which has led to their use in marina and waterfront developments all over the world, from Mexico to Melbourne.

“From a berthing perspective, our breakwaters are also an ideal solution for heavier displacement boats and superyachts which require a larger more robust mooring,” continues Shortall.

“Manufacturing the breakwaters in house, we oversee the design process so we’re able to vary the freeboard heights of the breakwaters, matching the increasingly larger freeboards we’re seeing on leisure craft as they get bigger. This makes it a much more comfortable experience for anyone using the berths.” 

The team from ICMS will be on stand MYP 5.819 at METSTRADE, ready to discuss its floating concrete breakwaters as well as its full range of pontoons, decking options and accessories.

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