Broom restructuring for the future

Broom 430 Broom 430

Broom has announced plans to restructure its operations into a leading leisure operator on the Southern Norfolk Broads.

Over recent years the market to build and sell boats has changed significantly, reflecting low customer demand, overseas competition and rising costs.

Against this backdrop, the shareholders have continued to invest, with the company becoming one of the best fleet hire operators on the Broads. This has led to a strategic decision to focus on the growing leisure part of their operations and to discontinue boat building. This will sadly involve the loss of some jobs.

Broom, which employs some of the finest craftspeople along with a heritage stretching back to 1898, remains committed to developing its excellent marina , hire fleet and service operation situated immediately adjacent to the Brundall station, a home to many private boats and its hire fleet, along with workshops performing maintenance and repairs.

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