Canal & River Trust convenes new Cultural Heritage Advisory Group

The Canal & River Trust (CRT) has convened a new Cultural Heritage Advisory Group.

The group will support the CRT in combining effective conservation and interpretation of the build and cultural heritage of the waterways, promoting their use, enjoyment and value for wellbeing. It will provide the CRT’s management with specialist advice and guidance.

Eight unpaid volunteer experts from the cultural heritage field have been appointed to the newly formed group, to be chaired by architectural historian Nigel Barker-Mills. They have been appointed for an initial term of up to three years.

The group will collaborate with other Trust Advisory Groups, and will have a forward plan for topics, which members will help shape, to ensure that key challenges to the CRT in the field are addressed.

Richard Parry, chief executive at Canal & River Trust, says: “Waterways are part of the fabric of our nation and remain amongst the finest examples of industrial heritage in the world. The trust is charged with protecting and conserving this heritage for future generations.  At the same time, we must ensure that we are meeting the needs of the boaters and communities who use, live and work alongside our waterways – realising the unique health and wellbeing benefits they offer. The impressive wealth of skills and experience that the group bring with them will prove invaluable in meeting this challenge.”

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