Cardboard packaging and new Spanish distributor for West System epoxy

West System packaging

For the past 18 months, a wide variety of West System epoxy packaging has been changing for its European, African and Middle Eastern markets.

Wessex Resins – which manufactures West System, Pro-Set and Entropy Resins under license from Gougeon Brothers Inc – has been reducing the amount of plastic packaging used. Wherever possible, the company’s opting for using recyclable materials, like cardboard, for the epoxy products it manufactures.

Now, even West System A packs, whether including 205 Fast Hardener or 206 Slow Hardener, will be supplied in cardboard packaging, reducing the packaging impact on the environment.

Significant plastic packaging reductions have also been made to West System products including the 104 Junior Pack, 101 Mini Pack, 105k Glass Fibre Boat Repair Kit, 650-8 G/flex Epoxy Kit, 655-k G/flex Thickened Epoxy Adhesive Repair Pack, and the 650 G/flex Epoxy Kit.

Although a number of product tubs remain plastic at this time, as do lids on a few tins, the company is delighted with the progress it has made.

Ian Oliver, Wessex Resins’ managing director, believes the brand’s marine customers will appreciate the change of packaging.

“The marine industry’s attitude to protecting the environment is strengthening day by day,” he says. “We see and hear more and more companies looking for ways to have as little impact on the planet as they can. The reduction of plastic in our packaging is just one of the pathways we’re following. We’re also actively engaged in creating more environmentally aware products – such as the Pro-Set Biobased epoxies (tailored specifically for composite manufacturers) – while retaining the exceptionally high quality and strength expected by our customers.”

The West System A Pack contains 105 Epoxy Resin and either 205 Fast Hardener or 206 Slow Hardener – all that is needed to create a clear, low-viscosity epoxy for coating, bonding and all the other jobs needed to repair a boat. The products can also be used to create an excellent adhesive to fill gaps and bridge voids when modified with West System fillers.

New Spanish distributor

Furthermore, in December 2022, Wessex Resins appointed Anicla Distribuciones as its marine distributor in Spain.

“Anicla offers us a huge opportunity to grow our already well-established market in Spain through its dynamic approach to the market. We need a fresh approach and Robert Alcina and his team certainly have the desire and ability to bring that to fruition,” says Oliver.

Robert Alcina says his company is honoured to be working with Wessex Resins.

“This is a unique opportunity. West System has an incredible reputation throughout Spain and the quality of its products has been more than proven during more than 35 years of presence in the Spanish market.”

The appointment of Anicla marks the end of Wessex Resins’ long-standing distribution agreement with Pinmar SA.

In May 2022, Wessex Resins announced that West System G/flex 655-1 toughened epoxy is available in a handy twin syringe which dispenses resin and hardener at the same time, in alignment with each other, ready for equal mixing. G/flex 655 is part of the wider G/flex family which is favoured by traditional boat builders as the ideal adhesive range for bonding dissimilar or new wood to old timbers.

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