China becomes manufacturing base for WindWings

WindWings on red cargo ship

BAR Technologies has entered into an agreement to enable its WindWings to be produced in China.

BAR says its partnership with CM Energy Tech (CMET) will greatly enhance its ability to manufacture enough WindWings to satisfy the growing demand, while delivering them to the customers at the right price. It’s recognised China’s efficient location, and that the country holds a leading position in bulk and large cargo vessel construction. Plus, CMET’s management of assembly and production at its facilities in the Shanghai area enables customers across Asia to easily work with CMET during WindWings installation onto their new vessels, or retrofits.

BAR’s agreement with CMET supersedes its previous fixed-term partnership with Yara Marine Technologies, with the businesses parting ways after two years of collaboration.

Under the terms of the new agreement, CMET will manage the value chain of procurement, construction, of WindWings and their installation throughout all the shipyards in China. Additionally, CMET will also manage the servicing of WindWings during their operational life cycle, alongside running training on the operation of the wing sails for vessel crews. BAR Technologies will retain the obligation to continue to innovate and establish additional WindWings sizes and offerings.

“In looking at where we manufacture our WindWings, we recognised we have to align our production with the leading nations in global shipping construction,” says John Cooper, CEO, BAR Technologies. “Obviously, China Merchants Group has many shipyards in their wider group but this is about manufacturing for all the yards in the region and developing ever closer relationships.

“Progressing shipping’s decarbonisation journey requires taking the decisions now that will offer long term opportunities to grow and scale WindWings installations, as vessel owners increasingly specify new build vessels from the major yards with wind propulsion. Partnering with CMET will enable us to work with a highly reputable, long-standing organisation which will significantly enhance the manufacture and production of our WindWings technology. The WindWings will proudly carry CMET’s world renowned trade brand TSC as well and the BAR Tech WindWings logo.

“All at BAR Tech would like to warmly thank our colleagues at Yara Marine Technologies. Without our successful partnership we would not have brought this market leading technology to market as quickly and as professionally – this has benefitted our joint clients and the industry.”

BAR recently announced it would be building smaller wings, and is looking at redesigning accommodation blocks.

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