Cox Marine signs supply deal with Finnish boatbuilder

XO Boats' EXPLR series

British diesel outboard manufacturer Cox Marine has signed an OEM agreement with Finnish boatbuilder XO Boats to supply its CXO300 engine on XO’s EXPLR series of boats, through Cox’s Scandinavian distributor, Diesel Power.

The CXO300 is initially available on the EXPLR 9 model, being the first of this range to offer the convenience of a high-performance outboard, with the strength and efficiency of diesel, typically only found on larger vessels.

Pre-rigged at the XO factory, the CXO300 equipment is configured to the XO EXPLR 9 — the 9-metre version of XO’s premium weekend cruiser.

“At XO, we are no stranger to innovative design solutions that enhance our customers’ experience,” says Erkki Talvela, XO Boats’ CEO. “Offering the CXO300 diesel outboard widens the potential market for XO as diesel fuel is more widely available in certain areas.

“The EXPLR 9 is designed for outboard power to achieve top performance and optimum onboard space. Cox’s CXO300 offers the best of both worlds, and we are excited to offer it as a choice for our customers.”

Harry Heasman, Cox Marine‘s EMEA regional director, adds: “At Cox Marine, we are always excited to see customers using and enjoying the benefits of our CXO300, but the alignment with XO Boats is extraordinary because of the similarities in the brand’s foundations and ambitions.”

“Both brands are committed to going beyond, often looking outside the norm to deliver the customer something uniquely beneficial to their passion, work, or pastime. We are very happy to be able to offer the Cox Marine customer integration with such a versatile and capable boat partner.”

Sweden-based Cox Marine distributor Diesel Power, whose territory includes Finland, has supported the development of this relationship.

“The partnership between Cox Marine and XO Boats is an incredible asset to our customers. This special relationship means customers can purchase a Cox Marine outboard with their new XO boat, making every step much easier,” said Mats Hallberg, export sales manager at Diesel Power AB.

New XO Boats are now available with the CXO300 300hp diesel outboard engined from dealers worldwide.

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