D-Marin automates payment and energy sockets at its marinas

D-Marin Marina del Este Marina del Este

D-Marin has unveiled its new ‘smart pedestal,’ designed to improve its customers’ convenience as they use its marinas.

The Greece-based global marina network says the new product has been developed in-house to fully digitalise the customer journey regarding energy consumption, digital payment, remote metering and control.

Customers will no longer need to enter the marina office or queue and wait for energy supply. Instead, they will have full control of the opening and closing of power sockets and remote measurement of consumption, as well as full control of costs. The key benefit of the smart pedestal is that it can be controlled by the customer online, all at the touch of a button, giving customers the ability to personally manage their energy supply.

D Marin's smart pedestal interface
D Marin’s smart pedestal interface

Michal Maslowski, chief information officer at D-Marin says: “We’re proud to be delivering another D-Marin digital solution to all our premium marinas this year. It follows the launch of our two-minute online booking system in 2022 and is another huge step in enriching the customer journey with innovative solutions as part of the ongoing ambitions of the D-Marin digitalisation strategy.”

D-Marin says its smart pedestal will be rolled out at all its marinas, retrofitted to existing pedestals, throughout 2023.

Earlier this month, D-Marin entered the Spanish market for the first time, after acquiring three marinas from Spanish marina group Marinas del Mediterráneo.

The announcement comes only months after D-Marin entered the Italian market with its acquisition of Punta Faro Marina near Venice.

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