Dock Bench Company acquired in US

Dock Bench Company

US firm Goldner Marine Group, parent company of Goldner Dock Construction, has purchased the Dock Bench Company.

Leveraging the in-house manufacturing infrastructure of Oklahoma-based Goldner Dock Construction, Goldner Marine Group says it intends to streamline the crafting process of the dock bench, expand colour, size and design options, and offer it to existing dock customers as an accessory.

Goldner Marine Group says it will also work to develop a robust network across the United States to increase the reach of the dock bench.

The aluminium bench attaches to boat docks, allowing users to lounge with their feet in the water and soak up their surroundings. The benches fold up at the hinges and are stored atop the dock.

“The dock bench is a great addition to our portfolio, and we couldn’t be more excited to take this next step with it,” said Caleb Goldner, owner of Goldner Marine Group. “It’s a valuable accessory and a quality product, and I’ve had the opportunity to sell them for years to our dock customers. The bench is perfect for boaters and lake residents throughout the country, and we hope to add dealers across the nation to make it available anywhere and everywhere.”

“I’m thrilled that Caleb and the Goldner Marine Group team have acquired the company,” said Chris Helt, former owner of the Dock Bench Company. “What started as a need for my own dock in 2017 evolved into a product that was desired by all kinds of customers who enjoyed leisurely relaxation at their dock.

“With Goldner Marine Group’s manufacturing experience and their wide sales and marketing network, I’m looking forward to seeing the dock bench expand beyond Oklahoma lakes to docks nationwide.”

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