Dolphins develop ‘Welsh accent’

Dolphins living off the coast of Wales that have developed their own ‘Welsh accent’ whistle at higher frequencies than those recorded anywhere else in the world, scientists say.

According to the Daily Mail, experts made the discovery after studying pods of 240 dolphins in Cardigan Bay.

The study was carried out for the BBC nature series Wonders of the Celtic Deep.

The whistles of pods around Cardigan Bay have a unique regional signature and were found to be at a higher frequency than others across the globe.

The show’s narrator Sian Phillips, says: “Bottlenose dolphins are highly sociable, the group are in constant communication.

“Each dolphin has its own unique signature whistle and the Cardigan Bay dolphins may have their very own dialect.

“Their whistles are at a higher frequency than those recorded anywhere else in the world.”

Researchers have previously discovered the Cardigan Bay dolphins have different sounding whistles to other pods found around the UK.

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